We use a wide range of spectacle lenses from reputable manufacturers such as:

essilor hoya seiko shamir

With a wide range of spectacle lenses to choose from we are able to find the best match for your prescription and lifestyle. The choices include:

High Index – This allows your lenses to be thinner and lighter thus improving the feel and look of your spectacles.

anti-reflectAnti Reflection – Gets rid of surface reflections giving you more comfortable sight in the day and at night. Modern coatings have improved scratch resistance, are smudge free, easy to keep clean and include dust and water repellent properties.

One example is Crizal Forte coating which performs so well it comes with a 2 years manufacturers guarantee

Varifocals – Have you found yourself adopting strange viewing positions?


Maybe yours arms are not long enough, or you have to remove your glasses or lift them to read anything. This can get quite annoying.

Varifocals allow you to enjoy instantaneous distance and near vision without needing to change between distance and near spectacles or being on and off with your spectacles. New generation designs are personalised to your individual prescription and hence give easier adaptation and more natural vision.

Sports Varifocals – Varifocal lenses are now available for wrap frames and sunglasses. These varifocals have an innovative, personalised design which gives a wide field of view and good visual comfort even in a wrap frame. They are available in impact resistance and high index materials. Photochromic and polarised options are also available. This makes them ideal for outdoor pursuits such as biking, hiking, golf, water sports and even skiing.

Enhanced Reading Lenses – These are designed to give you increased depth of focus allowing more flexible and comfortable vision when doing long periods of close work such as computer work/ drawing /painting/ playing music.


Tinted Lenses– These come in varying shades and intensity. They can come with reflection free and mirror coatings.

Polarised options help reduce glare for driving, water sports and general purpose. They give more comfortable vision, reducing eyestrain whilst enhancing colours and giving full UV protection.


Photochromic options allow the lenses to automatically darken or lighten in different light conditions giving you “healthy sight in every light”. There are now photochromic lenses specifically designed for driving which enhance contrast in different light conditions and are also polarised to reduce glare. Ask about new Drivewear lenses.

You can expect a full FREE AFTERCARE SERVICE on glasses purchased from us. Feel free to pop in as often as you need for adjustments. When city life gets too much for your glasses we’ll even give them a clean in our ultrasonic cleaner.