Lenses available from the best suppliers, selected to be the perfect match for your eyes

You can enjoy the luxury of choice in lenses when you visit our practice – and we’ll work with you to ensure you receive the lenses which will give you the most effective eyesight.

We work with innovative lens manufacturers who are leaders in their field such as:

  • Hoya
  • Essilor
  • Zeiss

Each of these lenses has their own benefits, and we’ll choose the perfect brand to suit your sight and lifestyle.

Lenses available include:

  • High-index

    These will make your lenses thinner and lighter, improving the feel, weight and look of your eyewear.

  • Anti-reflective

    Avoid surface reflections and improve the quality of your sight at any point in the day. Anti-reflective coatings also improve scratch resistance, are smudge free and easier to keep clean.

  • Blue control coating

    The blue light emitted by tablets, phones, laptops and LED bulbs can be harmful. These lenses can block out these rays, easing eye strain and reducing long term damage.

  • Varifocals

    if you struggle to see from afar and close-up, varifocals could be the ideal solution. Changing automatically between near and far-off distances, these are perfect for everyday wear.

  • Occupational

    Recommended for anyone who works extensively on computers, these lenses will provide you with a wider intermediate area than varifocals and, in turn, improve your posture.


Purchase from us to receive a full aftercare service at no extra cost.

What does this mean?

Simply pop into our practice during our opening hours and we’ll clean your lenses, adjust the frames and address any other niggles you might be experiencing.
It’s our way of showing you how much we value your eyewear.

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