Our frame collection has been carefully selected to provide exceptional quality, well-designed eyewear which is a pleasure to wear. We carry frames for all ages from toddlers, teens, the golden years and everything in between!

Whether you want practical, stylish, retro or contemporary we will endeavour to find the right frame for you. Our magic mirror makes it easy to compare several different looks at once, enhancing the experience, and making sure you make the right decision.’



Silhouette began with a vision – eyewear as an accessory – in 1964, and is now the leading brand in lite eyewear worldwide. Under this brand, the lightest eyewear in the world is mostly handcrafted in an individual design, employing the best materials and the latest technologies.


Designed to achieve best wearing comfort – perfect fit.

Made using Revolutionary high-tech polymers with medical properties :

– are ultra-light, flexible and stable

feel comfortable and natural
do not cause skin irritation and are antiallergenic.


Through every decade of its existence, Ray-Ban has shaped popular culture. Never just a transient trend, Ray-Ban eyewear marks out the wearer as an individual of taste and discernment. And now, 75 years after the first pairs of Ray-Ban Aviator helped US pilots reach new heights, Ray-Ban remains an enduring classic.


The name that is always on our lips! A desired and influential brand, how can we resist her eyewear collection. With back to the future styles and unquestionably sophisticated, the devil is not the only one wearing Prada.

Anticipating trends Prada has developed a reputation for excellence amongst fashion experts, and the whole range of Prada glasses have a feel of exceptional quality and style.


For Oakley, Prescription eyewear isn’t just about optically correct lenses. The inimitable style and sturdy structure of Oakley prescription glasses live in their innovative frame designs–perhaps most dramatically in the hinges. Oakley TWINSHOCK™ and MONOSHOCK™ hinges combine flex, comfort, fit, and ferocity to create prescription frames as long on technology as they are on style.