Which Contact Lenses?

Examples of different types of contact lenses include
Daily Disposable Contact Lenses –

Allows you to wear a fresh pair each time you use them. No cleaning. Just wash your hands, put them in, enjoy your day, wash your hands again before removing and throw away. What could be more convenient for a busy, city lifestyle? Now, daily disposables are available in designs which correct astigmatism and in more breathable, healthier materials.

Two Weekly Contact Lenses –

Soft lenses which are worn daily, cleaned on removal and discarded after 2 weeks of wear. Wearers often find that after 2 weeks of wear their contact lenses start to get less comfortable. Replacing them before this happens ensures lasting comfort and healthier eyes. Again, options for astigmatism and more breathable, healthier materials are available.

Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses –

These lenses are worn for up to a month. They are cleaned after each wear and stored in the appropriate solution until the next wear. After a month they are discarded and a new pair is used for the following month. These lenses are able to correct a wide range of prescriptions including astigmatism. They can even be custom made to correct high prescriptions. They are available in materials which allow more oxygen to your eye which is healthier in the long term. The cleaning process is simple and soon becomes part of your routine.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses

The development of materials which are more breathable and allow more oxygen to surface of your eyes has made it possible to wear contact lenses which you can sleep in. Imagine waking up and being able to see clearly! These lenses may be suitable in a variety of different situations at work and at play. Although this modality of wearing contact lenses is not without its risks, with careful professional guidance, it may offer you the freedom and flexibility you need for your lifestyle.

Multifocal Contact Lenses –

We understand how frustrating it can be when you start to lose your near focus. Simple tasks such as looking at your watch or reading your text messages start to become difficult. If you already wear contact lenses you may have gotten yourself some ready readers to wear with your contact lenses. But there are other solutions. Most contact lens manufacturers have lens designs which can give you back that near focus. This allows greater flexibility for your visual needs at home, work or play.

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

These are rigid contact lenses. They are available to correct a wide range of prescriptions and often give high contrast vision for higher prescriptions including astigmatism. These lenses are replaced bi-annually or annually. New developments in gas permeable lenses make them more comfortable and healthier to wear