Eye Examinations for 60+

Most people notice gradual changes in their eyesight from the age of 40 onwards as the natural hardening of the eye’s focusing lens begins to occur. This is known as presbyopia. Regular eye examinations become more important as we get older for several reasons: –

  • – Deteriorating vision may not be noticed as it occurs very gradually. Any improvement to vision can make a dramatic improvement to lifestyle and the ability to carry out everyday tasks.
  • – Eye examinations can also screen for various health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The risk of both these conditions increase with age.


The NHS provides a free eye examination every 2 years to those over 60 and annually after the age of 70. This for some may be minimal care and does not provide for further examinations such as dilated retinal examination, retinal photography, repeated pressure and visual fields testing. EYEPLAN allows you to top up your NHS allowance with a small monthly fee and this gives you access to the best in regular eye care, technical innovation and value. You also make a significant saving on top quality spectacles. Why compromise your eye care when you need to protect your eyes the most?